Estate and Relocation Services
Estate and Relocation Services

Estate and Relocation Services

What We Can Do For You

Sachs 5th Real Estate and Auction specializes in full estates. The owner, Lorraine Sachs Garcia has over 30 years experience in the estate industry, and is a licensed Realtor® and Broker. Lorraine holds the CES (Certified Estate Grandmother and DaughterSpecialist) designation from the National Auctioneers Association. A CES graduate must have completed specialized coursework, pass an exam, and have extensive years of experience in auctioning family estate property to obtain this designation. Less than .05 percent of auction professionals throughout North America hold the CES designation. CES graduates are experts in dealing with CPAs, trustees, estate attorneys, tax attorneys, and financial planners. When you list your real estate property with Lorraine, Sachs 5th can auction the personal property from the estate.

We are well equipped to help you and your loved one to deal with the with the daunting web of decisions you are faced with.

We can list your real property or sell it at auction. And we can auction the contents of your home or business, if you list your real estate with us. Normally, personal property is moved to our auction house. However, under certain circumstances, we may be able to inventory and auction the personal property right out of the residence or business. Please call Lorraine at: 505.864.8081 or Email at

Estate Services

It is a difficult time after losing a loved one. Long distances and time restraints may make it impossible to handle the disposition of a loved one's real and personal property by yourself. We can help you with both. Again, Lorraine is an expert in handling estates and dealing with other estate professionals, such as attorneys, involved in the estate process.

Downsizing Services

Your New Life is Emerging: This can be an emotional time. It's difficult to leave a home full of so many memories. There are a multitude of decisions to make. The task can be daunting. We can help.Grandmother
Selling Your Home: We understand how much you love your home, and how hard it is to leave it. If we list your home, we will keep you informed regularly on any activity concerning your home. Keep in mind that a new owner will treasure your home, and your home will host new memories.
Finding Your New Casa: We can represent you as a buyer in finding the perfect new residence for your desires and tastes, a place to start new memories. We are on your side.
Auction of Personal Property: We all accumulate a lot of items through the years. As much as we may love them, there might not be room in your new home to keep them. We can auction your personal property for you, when you list your real estate with us. We endeavor to get the highest price possible, which is in our best interest, as well as yours. We cannot guarantee a price for any item. If you want a minimum price, you will need to put a reserve price on that item. We have to charge an extra fee for a reserve price. Please contact Lorraine for more information. That being said, if an item does not get the price you thought it was worth, remember, someone was willing to bid on it, and win. Your treasure is now a treasure to someone else.

Relocation Services

Even our President has to vacate the White House every 4 to 8 years. Whether you have a job transfer, or you are military and this is old hat to you, we can help. Not only can we sell your real estate we can auction your personal property if you list your real estate with us. We can also help you find a qualified real estate professional through the National Association of Realtors® who can help you find your new home.

Business Liquidation

Whether you are retiring, or just closing your business, we can help. We can list your commercial real estate and auction your inventory if you list your real property with us. Through the National Association of Realtors®, your listing is national. We are in a small town, but we have big national exposure! Call us! Lorraine 505.864.8081. Email Lorraine:

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