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About The Sachs Legacy

Sachs 5th Real Estate and Auction

A Family Owned & Operated Business

The Sachs and Garcia families are long time residents of Valencia County, New Mexico. The Sachs first settled here in the 19th century. In 1953 Pilar Sachs, Grandfather of Lorraine Sachs, opened Sachs Appliance in downtown Belen. Later her father, Marty, took over the business.

Sachs Appliance 1953
Sachs Appliances 1953

In 1998, Lorraine Sachs Garcia and Anthony Garcia, founded Sachs 5th. They later purchased the building where her father and grandfather had the appliance business.
It is now the home of Sachs 5th Real Estate and Auction.

Anthony & Lorraine Sachs Garcia

Anthony & Lorraine Sachs Garcia
Sachs 5th Real Estate & Auction

Real Estate Is
Our Business!

~ See Our Sachs 5th Real Estate Page for Bios About Our Real Estate Team

Lorraine Sachs Garcia, Realtor®
Designated Qualifying Broker
CAI, AMM, BAS, CES Auctioneer

Sachs 5th has been in business since 1998. Lorraine Lorraine - Sachs Real EstateSachs Garcia is the co-owner and Designated Qualifying Broker. Real Estate is our primary business. Whether you are buying or selling Sachs 5th can handle all of your real estate needs. In addition, Lorraine is also an experienced auctioneer and has four National Auctioneer Association's designations, CAI, AMM, BAS & CES. Should your real estate require the services of an auctioneer, we can do that. If you list your real estate with Sachs 5th, we may be able to advise you in the disposal of the contents. This can be beneficial to you for estate or relocation type properties. This is on a case by case basis. Contact Lorraine for more information: Office: 505.864.8081 ~ Cell: 505.453.1879 ~ Email:


Lorraine's Family

Marty Sachs 1936-2016
Auctioneer ~ Business Man

Marty Sachs
Marty is the father of Lorraine and now auctions in the clouds. We all miss him.

His Spirit will always be at the Auction House.


Karlos Sachs

Karlos Sachs


Karlos is the brother of Lorraine and auctioneered in the before time. He now lives in Denver, Colorado. However, if he is visiting home, and there is a charity auction...he's back!




Marcos Garcia

Marcos Garcia


Marcos is the oldest son of Anthony and Lorraine and has literally grown up in the auction business, as has his siblings.
Marcos graduated from USC in the Spring of 2009.

He currently resides and works in NYC.


David Garcia
David Garcia

David is the youngest of the Garcia clan. He is an accomplished auctioneer in his own right. David graduated from the University of New Mexico, Summa Cum Laude. He has degrees in chemistry and biology.

David still helps out at our auctions, when he can, considering his very busy schedule!

Eloisa Garcia
Eloisa Garcia

Eloisa is the daughter of Anthony & Lorraine. She is a talented auctioneer and a graduate of USC, majoring in Theatre & Cinema, with a second major in Leadership. She is currently working in her field in California.
When home, she adds a lot of spunk and class to the auction, making it even more fun and exciting.


Great Members of our Crew

Elsie Sachs
Public Relations

ElsieElsie is the mother of Lorraine and is the smiling face everyone looks forward to on an auction day.
Umm? Where do you think this bunch got most of their good looks from?

Mapooz Kong Garcia
Official Mascot
MapoozMr. Mapooz Kong Garcia is the official mascot for Sachs 5th. His duties include morale boosting for the staff and our customers. Mapooz states, "I'm honored to be the mascot for Sachs 5th. I will do my best to contribute to the business! I also want to encourage humans to adopt my friends, and spay and neuter them, And, of course, love them."

Anthony Garcia
Co-Founder & Vice-President

Anthony GarciaAnthony is the co-owner of Sachs 5th. He is truly the backbone of Sachs 5th, and is essential in the day to day operations. We couldn't do without him!

He is also an accomplished bee keeper. He educates the rest of us about the importance of bees in our environment. Anthony, and Danny Sachs, his brother in law, save unwanted bees. Thanks to them, our environment is better.

The Garcias

Garcia Family



The Sachs 5th Legacy

Lorraine is a lifelong resident of Belen, New Mexico. Her great grandfather, Benedicto was born in Belen in approximately 1862. His father, Martin Moses Sachs, came to our wonderful New Mexico from Germany.

Sachs Legacy

Sachs 5th Real Estate Evolved from the 1950's...

Sachs Real Estate Building

Sachs 5th Real Estate Now...

Sachs Real Estate


Lorraine, in the last decade, has successfully established the Sachs real estate business. The building her Grandfather, Pilar, built in the early 1950's has again evolved. He would be proud.



Auction Your Real Estate

Why Sachs 5th Real Estate and Auction?

Lorraine - Sachs Real Estate

Lorraine is the co-founder of Sachs 5th Real Estate and Auction and principal auctioneer. She holds four National Auctioneers Association's designations: CAI - Certified Auctioneers Institute, AMM - Auction Marketing Management, BAS - Benefit Auction Specialist, and CES - Certified Estate Specialist. She strictly adheres to the NAA's Code of Ethics. Lorraine has over 30 years experience in the estate industry. In addition, Lorraine is a licensed Broker/Realtor® and co-owner of Sachs 5th Real Estate and Auction. Contact Lorraine for all of your real estate needs. Contact Lorraine at: Off: 505.864.8081 Cell: 505.453.1879 Email:

Lorraine is one of the few Realtors® in New Mexico who is also an auctioneer.

See Our Real Estate Page For Info About The Sachs 5th Real Estate Team!

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